Who are SIGA Vision?
SIGA Vision are experts in Machine Vision using a broad range of Industry Leading Vision Products, software and peripherals, from leading manufacturers including Cognex, Dalsa, Matrox, Omron to name a few.

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The Industries served are:

Pharmaceutical / Automotive / Electronics / Food and Beverage / Packaging / Aerospace

SIGA - Gary Loosley Gary Loosley image

In 1993 Gary Loosley introduced DVT Cameras to Europe initially Designing and Building turnkey solutions around the DVT Products. He then set up, supported and trained a European network of Distributors for DVT and has the most experience with the DVT product outside of the USA. After joining Cognex he excelled in training and supporting the Insight and Dataman Products. Having well over 100 vision system installations to his credit, this experienced engineer is equipped to tackle the most demanding applications.

- Highly Experienced
- Incredibly knowledgeable in Lighting and Lensing techniques
- Methodical
- Electrically minded
- Depth of understanding of automation
- Concise training and adaptable training style
- Unique solution techniques
- Analytical skills

SIGA - Simon Beveridge Simon Beveridge Image

Simon Beveridge initially worked for a DVT Distributor providing Training, pre and post sales support, demo and installations. Shortly after he was employed by DVT and began supporting and training distributors, integrators and end users around Europe, South Africa, and Australia. He has excelled in creative solutions to challenging inspections. Since joining Cognex he has excelled at providing on-site customer and integrator support for all Cognex products including Cognex Insight, DVT, Intellect and Framework solutions.

- Highly Experienced
- In depth knowledge of Cognex Insight and DVT Intellect software.
- Creative solutions.
- Communication to automation devices
- Integration
- Robotics
- Enthusiastic positive training style
- Scripting for tough applications.
- Interfaces

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