Machine Vision Applications
Pick & Place

Pick and Place with Conveyor tracking

Camera: Cognex Insight 5403
Software: Insight Explorer 3.3.2

This application is a Pick and Place application. Using a Cognex Insight 5403 with PatMax it is possible to locate this Con-Rod in real world co-ordinates and pass the information to a Kuka Robot which conveyor tracks the part until it is picked up.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Camera: Cognex DVT 530
Software: Framework 2.7.5

This application shows Optical Character recognition and shows how the print can change size and the tool still reads the code.
Gauge / Measurement


Gauge/ Measurement

Camera: Cognex DVT 540
Software: Intellect 1.4

Accurately measure single or multiple parts quickly.
Presence / Absence


Presence/ Absence

Camera: Cognex DVT 535
Software: Intellect 1.3.1

This application uses a DVT 535 to check for the presence of ball bearings in an Automotive joint shaft
Identlify 1
Identify 2



Camera: Cognex DVT 540
Software: Intellect 1.3.1

DVT 540 was used to identify the different alloy wheels and output the data to a PLC
Bead Inspection


Bead Inspection

Camera: Cognex DVT 545
Software: Intellect 1.4

Inspect the Glue bead for width measurements and gaps.
Mushroom Picking 1
Mushroom Picking 1


Application Specific

Camera: Cognex DVT 554C
Software: Intellect 1.4

The use of vision integrated with Robotics and other peripheral devices to obtain the position of mushrooms in both X,Y and Z direction. Pick position and pull direction are obtained by the vision system. This is in conjunction with Jim Rowley from the University of Warwick.

Ref: J H Rowley, Warwick Manufacuring Group, University of Warwick



The use of script to solve complex applications. This is part of a script to solve a mushroom picking application
Pill Applications


Pill applications

Camera: Cognex DVT 552C
Software: Framework 2.7.8

Using a DVT 542C camera to ensure there is 1 pill per hole.
Bottle Top Inspection


Bottle top inspection

Camera: Cognex Insight 5400
Software: Insight explorer 3.3.2

Using an Insight 5400 check to ensure the bottle top is on and positioned correctly at high speeds
Weld Inspection


Weld Inspection

Camera: Cognex DVT 542C
Software: Intellect 1.4

Use a DVT 552C to inspect a weld flame dimensions
Best Before Date Inspection

Best Before Date Inspection

Camera: Cognex DVT Intelligent Scanner
Software: Intellect 1.3.1

OCV of the Display date and the use by date using a DVT Intelligent Scanner
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